Season One

Goth Lyfe 1: Intro

New kid Todd Todderson gets lost on his way to Art Class. Two Goth Kids, Mace and Scepter decide to help him and even offer to teach him how to be Goth. Courtney McCourtneyson hopes to persuade Todd to come to the school's Spirit Rally instead.

Goth Lyfe 2: Art Class

Todd's Goth Lessons begin as he attends Art Class with Scepter who begins to teach him the basics of being Goth.

Goth Lyfe 3: The Lake

Mace and Scepter wonder if Todd will meet them at the Lake (which is really just a water fountain that overflows) for further training or will he choose to go to Courtney's Spirit Rally instead?

Goth Lyfe 4: Goth Money

With the help of Roger, Courtney begins to plot her revenge against the Goths as they show Todd the basics of Gothic Shopping with Spade at the Goth Store.

Goth Lyfe 5: Goth Slang

Todd's lessons continue as Mace and Scepter go over a couple Gothic terms that every Goth should know. The Goths use their 'gawsome' system of Goth Notes to really get their point across.

Goth Lyfe 6: What the Bleep?

In an attempt to impress Courtney, Roger invents a device that blocks out people's swears. It's up to Mace, Scepter and Todd to put an end to his censorship but they have to find him first.

Goth Lyfe 7: Undercover Goth

A mysterious new Goth shows up and tries to make her way into the group. The Goths continue Todd's lessons while this new addition tags around, who could she be?

Goth Lyfe 8: Goth Test

Todd is finally ready to take his Goth Test. It will cover everything he's learned so far and if he passes it, he'll get to officially become a Goth himself.

Goth Lyfe 9: Goth Eye (for the Non-Goth Guy)

It is finally time for Todd to become a Goth! Mace, Scepter and Misery are heading to the Goth Store to get Todd some new clothes and a complete Gothic Makeover.

Goth Lyfe 10: Degothifycation (AKA Degoth)

Roger attempts to turn the Goths into Non-Goths against their will, using his new invention. Can Goth Gotherson and the rest of the group stop him?

Season Two

Goth Lyfe 11: Emokid's Revenge

New kid Tedd Tommerson wants to learn how to be Goth but he's interrupted when Emokid returns for his mysterious revenge on Mace and Scepter. It will take all their strength if they plan to win.

Goth Lyfe 12: New Goth

A new Goth appears, Spear, and tries to join the group. Unlike Mace, Scepter is not too impressed with this new addition as they all attend Art Class together.

Goth Lyfe 13: Replaced

Spear continues to push Scepter out of the group. In an act of defiance, Scepter decides to make some new friends with whoever else is around.

Goth Lyfe 14: Spear to the Heart

Scepter discovers the truth about Spear and it's up to him to warn Mace before it's too late. Can he stop Spear before his evil plan succeeds?

Goth Lyfe 15: DisaSpear

Can Spear really get away with it? It's time for a showdown between Spear and the Goths. His plan has been revealed and it's up to Mace and Scepter to stop him once and for all.

Goth Lyfe 16: Fun'n'Games

With Spear defeated, now the Goths can finally relax. No, not really. There's strange things going on in the school but no one knows what the cause is, except maybe Scepter.

Goth Lyfe 17: Daily Basis

Roger attempts to become Goth, this time with the help of Todd who tries his best to remember his Goth Lessons. Mace and Scepter reluctantly team up with Courtney to save Todd's life.

Goth Lyfe 18: Demon Bait

There is a Shadow Demon loose in the school and it's up to Mace, Scepter and Todd to trap it before it tries to kill Todd. Courtney finds herself in trouble after attempting to save a baby seal.

Goth Lyfe 19: Funeral Time

It's time for a funeral but whose is it? The answer will shock you! Even more shocking, look who's giving the eulogy! I won't say, you have to watch the episode to find out.

Goth Lyfe 20: Demonstraction

The Goths are cornered and must face the Shadow Demon head on once and for all. They can't do it alone, they'll need help from...whoever shows up really. The epic conclusion to Season Two.

Season Three

Goth Lyfe 21: Flashback Mountain

Mace and Scepter wait for Tedd Tommerson to finally start his Goth Lessons. To pass the time they tell each other stories from their past and stumble upon something strange.

Goth Lyfe 22: Gothmantic

Todd and Courtney break up and Scepter volunteers to help Todd win her back. Roger and Mace fight over the new Punk girl, Punklette as they try to impress her any way they can.

Goth Lyfe 23: Preppy Showdown

Tiffany Tiffsdale, the new head of School Spirit picks a fight with Courtney. We get a look into Misery's secret life as a Demon Hunter and the mysterious organization trying to eliminate her.

Goth Lyfe 24: A Friend Like No Other

Three new students show up in the school and befriend the main characters. Only one of them will survive the episode. How will these new personalities mesh with the rest of the group?

Goth Lyfe 25: ???


Goth Lyfe 26: ???


Goth Lyfe 27: ???


Goth Lyfe 28: ???


Goth Lyfe 29: ???


Goth Lyfe 30: ???