Long Running Jokes

Often times Goth Lyfe will make nods and references to jokes and lines from previous episodes. Here is a list of some of those moments.

Where's Art Class?

In Episode 1, Todd gets lost on the way to Art Class and asks Mace and Scepter, "Do you guys know where Art Class is?" The opening line to the series is repeated by Spear at the end of Episode 11 and once again by Punklette in Episode 22 as their introductory lines.

Black Soul

In Episode 2, Scepter paints a picture of his soul and it's pure black. In Episode 4, Mace and Scepter show Todd how Goth Money is black. Mace adds "Just like my soul". In Episode 14, Mace gets knocked out and says that "everything went black for a second, just like my soul." In Episode 23, Mace orders two coffees, "black, just like my soul".


In Episode 3, Scepter complains about corporations pushing products on consumers. Mace offers him a GothBar. In Episode 9, Scepter says that Goth don't need material goods. Mace offers him a GothBar. In the Special, Summer Vacation, Scepter says Goths can resist the temptation of sugary treats, Mace offers him a GothBar.

Microphone Crush

In Episode 3, Courtney is mad at Todd when he doesn't attend her Spirit Rally. She grumbles his name and crushes the microphone she was speaking into. In Episode 18, Courtney realizes Mace stole her Baby Seal, she pulls out a random microphone, grumbles his name and crushes it.

Paint Your Childhood

In Episode 2, the Art Teacher instructs the Class to paint something about their childhood. In Episode 12, he again says to paint something from their childhood. When Scepter tells him they already did that, he changes it to "Childhood's Future". In Episode 19, the Art Teacher begins telling the Class to paint something from their childhood but is cut off by a coughing fit.

Art Class Goth Blend

In Episode 2, Scepter uses Goth Blend to sneak into Art Class. In Episode 12, Mace preforms the exact same trick and gets praised by Spear. Scepter mentions that it was his joke to begin with referencing the scene from the second episode.

Courtney's Goth Costume

In Episode 7, Courtney dresses up like a Goth to fool Mace and Scepter, In Episode 17, They suggest she wears that outfit again as they are embarrassed to be seen with her.

Goth Rage

In Episode 10, Todd uses Goth Rage to defeat Roger, he says "How did you do that?" and the rest of the characters state "Goth Rage" one after another. In Episode 20, Super Goth uses Goth Rage and asks "How did I do that?" They once again say Goth Rage one at a time.

Season Ending Monologue

At the end of Season 1 (Episode 10), Scepter narrates an epilogue about what happens to all the characters. In Episode 20, the Season 2 Finale, Scepter once again narrates the events that take place after the episode ends and practically gives the same speech with only slight differences.

Scepter's Lack of Piercings

In Episode 9 Scepter explains to Todd that he doesn't have any piercings as to not conform with the rest of the Goths. In Episode 12, Spear asks about his lack of piercings, he tries to explain but gets cut off by a punch to the face.

Face Punch

In Episode 12, Spear says "A Goth without piercings is like my fist without your face." before punching Scepter in the face. In Episode 15, Scepter gets his revenge by saying "An Emo pretending to be Goth is like my fist pretending to not want to punch your face." before punching Spear in the face.

Not Goth

In Episode 12, Spear says that Scepter is "Not Goth" it echos through Scepter's head and the scene changes to Scepter at the graveyard. In Episode 15, Scepter says Spear is "Not Goth"and the scene changes to Spear at the graveyard, planning to prove him wrong.

The Open Grave

In Episode 15, Spear falls into an open grave and decides to use his phone to order a pizza in what turns out to be a long winded phone conversation. Episode 19, Spear falls back into the open grave and decides to call the Pizza place to order again, this time criticizing them for his last order. Episode 20, Spear gets out of the open grave only to be nudged back in by the Shadow Demon, he can't make a call because this time his phone has a low battery.

You Understand That Right?

In Episode 12, Spear criticizes Scepter's clothing saying, "Navy Blue is not Black, I mean come on, you understand that right?" In Episode 20, when he sees the Shadow Demon, he says, "What are you supposed to be a pacman ghost or something? I mean come on you understand that right?"

Mr. Atei and Courtney

In Episode 18 Mr Atei grows annoyed by Courtney and moans a defeated "Oooiieee" In episode 20, Mr Atei is reminded that Courtney has class with him the next day and once again exclaims, "Oooiieee".

White Hoodie

In Episode 20, Tedd Tommerson tries to convince everyone that you wear a white hoodie when you become a ghost, In Episode 22, Mace thinks Punklette is a ghost when she is wearing Tedd's white hoodie.

Tedd's Lessons

In Episode 11, Tedd Tommerson asks if Mace and Scepter can teach him how to be Goth. In Episode 21, Tedd asks Deadward and his family if they can teach him how to be Duck.

Spear's Plans

In Episode 22 Spear (with Emokid's help) plans to steal Misery away from Scepter. After his plan hits a snag, he abandons it immediately stating that it has failed. In the Summer Vacation Special, Spear plans to mess up the Goth Store to get Mace and Scepter in trouble. Once again he states that it has failed a few moments later and gives up entirely.

Scepter wants Credit

In Episode 12, after Mace reenacts Scepter technique for sneaking into class, Scepter says "That was my joke, I invented it." In Episode 18, after Scepter convinces everyone that Todd summoned the Shadow Demon, he decides he wants credit and says, "That's my demon, I invented it.".

Angry Artwork

In Episode 12, Scepter paints a picture of himself attempting to run over Spear with a car. After the End Credits of the same episode, Todd paints practically the same picture only of himself running over the Art Teacher instead. Before the credits in Episode 19 Scepter knows the Shadow Demon means business when the demon paints a similar picture of himself trying to run over Todd in a car.

That's a Laugh

In Episode 12, when Spear tells Scepter he's a Goth, Scepter says, "You Goth? Ha, that's a laugh." Later on, Mace says he has French Class and Scepter says, "French? Ha, that's a laugh." In Episode 18, Courtney agrees to protect Todd from the Demon and Scepter says, "You fight? Ha, that's a laugh.".

Todd's Teaches Roger

In Episode 17, Todd tries to remember his Goth Lessons to teach Roger how to be Goth. They make many references to different episodes. Some of these references include: Making a Cola Analogy like in Episode 3, teaching Goth Blend from Episode 2, Pathetic Fallacy from Episode 7, and Ripping up a picture of Sporky from Episode 8.

Hair and Make-Up

In Episode 9, Mace says to Todd, "Now Misery will do your hair and makeup" In the Christmas Special, while giving Santa Claus a new look, Mace says, "Next Misery will do your hair and Make-up."

Todd Copies Others

In the Christmas Special Todd makes cute eyes like Scepter did in Episode 20. He is told not to do that because it is Scepter's thing. Later on, he rips off his Santa outfit to reveal his regular clothes underneath, he is told not to do that either because it is Misery's thing. This is another reference to Episode 20 when she changes out of her Demon Hunter costume.