The Lake

A fictional location in the Goth Lyfe universe. A meeting place for the main characters of the show.


The Lake is actually just a water fountain that is constantly running. Mace and Scepter are often found hanging out in front of it.

Significance to the Plot

• Early on in Season 1 Todd is told to meet the Goths in front of the Lake if he wants to pursue their Goth Lessons.

• In Season 2, Spear punches the Lake causing it to stop running. Scepter later punches Spear and sends him flying into the Lake which starts it running again.

• In Season 3, Mace and Scepter agree to give Tedd Tommerson goth lessons and they tell him to meet them at the Lake. He assumes they were referring to the Pond outside the school and misses their meeting.

Art Class

Art Class is the only class we've ever seen the characters attend. Locating the class can be difficult and most new characters often enter the show looking for the class.

Class List

Scepter, Todd and Misery are the only students who actually take art. Mace, Spear, Roger and Punklette all attend the class at some point in the series.

Art Class Running Jokes

• Seeing the different artwork produced by the characters usually reveals their feelings towards other characters or more about their own likes and dislikes.

• The Art Teacher's only direction for his students' artwork is to "draw something about their childhood".

• The Art Teacher is never shown on screen and communicates with his students through a speakerbox and camera.

• New characters often speak the line, "Hey, do you guys know where Art Class is?" as their introduction to the series.

Janitor's Closet

The Janitor's Closet is Roger's secret lair. He is often seen spending time in there creating new inventions or just hanging out, alone.

First Appearance in: Goth Lyfe 6: What the Bleep?!

Contents of the Janitor Closet

The Janitor Closet contains a desk, chair and a shelf with some cleaning supplies. There is a bucket and a broom in the corner and the smashed remnants of the bleep machine can be seen on one of the shelves that appears in the same episode.

Significance to the Plot

Roger is often the one seen using the Janitor's Closet but other character have used the space as well:

Todd writes his Goth Test at the desk.
• Roger and Scepter play warhammer in the room.
• Todd gives Roger a Goth Lesson at the desk.
• Scepter and Todd go over Scepter's romantic plan.

The Pond

A small pond located across the street from the School, near the Goth Store. Also referred to as "Deadward's Pond". It consists of a bench and a small body of water.


The Pond is home to Deadward the duck and his duck family. It is first seen in Episode 7 after Mace saves Deadward.

Significance to the Plot

• At the end of Season 2, When Courtney releases the Baby Seals into the wild, she places them at the Pond.

• In Season 3, Mace and Scepter agree to give Tedd Tommerson goth lessons and they tell him to meet them at the Lake. He assumes they were referring to the Pond and ends up there by mistake.

• When Roger hypnotizes Misery, he brings her to the Pond for a "date".

• Mace and Punklette often visit the Pond to talk and enjoy the ducks.

The Goth Store

Spade runs the Goth Store near the School. He sells things like spiked bracelets, leather, all-purpose Goth Spray and GothBars.


The Goth Store is first seen in Episode 4: Goth Money.

Significance to the Plot

• In Season 1, the Main Characters give Todd a Goth Make-Over at the Goth Store at the end of his training.

• In Season 2, Spear attempts to blow up the Goth Store to get his revenge on Mace and Scepter.

• In Season 3, Misery meets with Spade at the Goth Store to be briefed on missions in her secret life as a Demon Hunter.

• On separate occasions Roger and Courtney have purchased items to make themselves appear more Goth from the Goth Store.

The Graveyard

The Graveyard is a spooky place where shocking things usually happen.

Significance to the Plot

• In Season 2, Scepter goes to the Graveyard to summon a Shadow Demon.

Spear falls into an open grave and is stuck in there for quite some time.

• In Spisode 19, the Main Characters attend a funeral in the Graveyard during the school day.

• In Season 3, During her secret life as a Demon Hunter, Misery fights off a Crimson Beast in the Graveyard.


CoffeeLand is a local coffee shop that opened right beside the Goth Store. Coffeegirl works there as a 'brewista'.

Dark Lair

The Dark Lair is where the Evil Boss resides with his army of minions and henchmen. Misery once infultrated this location and was almost overwhelmed but managed to escape.

The Library

In Episode 23, While looking for Misery, Mace and Scepter check the Library only to find Roger and Prof. Hoffbrinkle enjoying some books. Later on Misery does visit the Library only to be faced with another dangerous Crimson Beast.

La Fancee

La Fancee is a Fancy French Restaurant. Todd brings Courtney there on a date and Scepter steals a crab to give to Misery. Scepter also gets into a fight with the French Waiter that works there.