(By Order of Appearance)

< Goth Santa
(Todd's Special Christmas)

Mace, Misery and Scepter decide to give Santa Claus a Goth Makeover so he can stay hip for today's youth.

Mace Look-a-Like >
(Episodes 21 and 23)

Apart from looking like a non-Goth version of Mace, this guy usually just shows up at awkward times and gets in the way of whatever people are doing.

< Freddy Romance
(Episode 22)

A struggling pop sensation that only Todd seems to know about. His hit single is "Take Me Back Courtney"

French Waiter >
(Episode 22)

A snooty French Waiter that works at La Fancee, (the one and only fancy french restaurant in town.) He gets into an altercation with Scepter.