(Owner: Mace)

Deadward is first seen crossing the street with his family. Mace saves him from getting hit from a car and names him "Deadward". He occasionally pops up throughout the show acting sort of like Goth Lyfe's mascot. He inhabits the Pond across the street from the school.

Deadward first appears in Episode 7.

(Owner: Todd)

Sporky is Todd's pet dog. We first learn about Sporky when Todd paints a picture of him in Art Class. Sporky sleeps in a mini-hammock in Todd's room and even appeared with Todd in the yearbook.

Sporky is first mentioned in Episode 2.

(Owner: Misery)

Misery first encounters the Crab on her tropical vacation (either in Florida or the Bahamas). She throws it at a nearby boombox. Much later on the Crab appears in a lobster tank at La Fancee, Scepter rescues it and gives it to Misery as a gift.

The Crab first appeared in the secret ending to Episode 13.

Baby Seal
(Owner: Courtney)

The Baby Seal gains a lot of attention after an article in Preppy Chick Monthly declares Baby Seals are endangered. Courtney steals the Baby Seal from Prof Hoffbrinkle's lab in an attempt to save it from being mistreated and experimented on.

Baby Seals are first mentioned in Episode 13.

Toby the Trout
(Owner: Emokid)

Toby the Trout is actually a Goldfish that belongs to Emokid. Emokid claims that Toby the Trout is his best friend and sometimes even carries his bowl around with him.

Toby the Trout is first mentioned in Episode 11 and first seen in Episode 14.